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Welcome to the unofficial Perl 6 Wiki

The wiki about Perl6 tips, techniques and everything Perl6 related that anyone can edit

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Please, follow this guidelines when posting new articles.

  • Don´t consider this wiki as a replacement for the official perl6 documentation. Think of this as a complement.
  • Don´t post perl5 related info, even when is about perl6 features backports. (Example: Moose)
  • Put each code piece between <tt> </tt> tags. Even when is only ONE character (Example, :r and not just :r). And use <pre> </pre> when posting chunks of code.
  • When possible, use the singular form of a word. If you need to link from a plural form of the word, use [[Real article name|Text shown]] or just [[Singular name]]s. (Example [[hash|hashes]] or [[hash]]es. Both will show hashes and link to the hash article)
  • Don't capitalize when creating new articles. I.e.: Create "arithmetic operator" instead of "Arithmetic Operator". The wiki will capitalize automatically, and that will make linking easier.

Thanks, and contribute if you love Perl6!


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  • Click here for the latest news about the Parrot Virtual Machine.
  • What's going on in Perl6 today?

What we need just now

  • An article on handling Binary files (seek operations, reading, etc)
  • Complete the article on Hyper operators
  • Revisions on all the current articles! Or just voting for them!

More resources

Useless stuff

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